Geneva (ICRC) — “We wish to express our deep sympathy and solidarity with all those who were affected by the deadly earthquake that struck southern Türkiye overnight Sunday to Monday. In Syria, the earthquake adds a layer to the humanitarian tragedy that has been ongoing for 12 years.


No words can describe the sight of families – most of whom displaced more than once – who had to leave their homes in the freezing cold to take refuge in unsafe streets in the middle of the night. Buildings, weakened by long years of war collapsing like pieces of dominoes in Aleppo, send shivers down the spine.

I also salute the volunteers of Turkish Red Crescent Society and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent who are the first responders but also victims themselves. Their selfless dedication to humanitarian action is formidable.

The humanitarian situation across Syria is dire. These facts cannot be ignored; turning a blind eye to humanitarian suffering in Syria is cruel and inhumane.

The ICRC is working to support the emergency relief efforts of our partners the SARC. On Monday, we dispatched surgical material – enough to treat 100 people to one of the public hospitals in Aleppo. More of that and medical equipment is on its ways to Aleppo, Latakia and Tartous, along with thousands of canned foods enough for tens of thousands of people, blankets and mattresses, and other essential items.”