“If War Comes to You” takes audiences on a transformative journey, delving into the haunting possibility of armed conflict on their doorstep. This interactive film immerses viewers in the rules of war and explores the crucial role each individual plays in upholding these principles.

The aim of this film is to bring a basic awareness of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), known as the rules of war, but also to bring empathy by encouraging reflection on the multifaceted nature of warfare, inviting viewers to step into the shoes of those impacted by war.

This immersive experience is a “choose-your-own-pathway” film that invites viewers to witness three diverse perspectives of those most directly impacted by conflict. Witness the harrowing dilemmas faced by civilians caught in conflict. Experience the weight of responsibility as soldiers engage. Join the mission of aid workers, driven to alleviate the suffering caused by war.

While the prospect of armed conflict should never be normalized, it is crucial to never forget its lasting impact. The rules of war, while unable to prevent conflicts, strive to minimize the suffering endured.

This initiative leverages gamification techniques, digital technology, and the voices of those directly affected by armed conflict to raise global awareness and support for IHL.

This film brought together the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the European Legal Support Group (ELSG) – made up of 27 European National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, of which the British Red Cross and the Danish Red Cross acted as managing support teams for this initiative – to promote the relevance and impact of IHL.

By ensuring that the voices of those affected by armed conflict reach the individuals, communities, and decision-makers who have never known conflict, “If War Comes to You” offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience why the rules of war exist.

Check out the film here: Experience – If War Comes To You