Challenges in the field need solutions, but solutions need careful analysis, planning and expertise.

It sometimes seems as if a new product is just the thing to respond to a newly identified need. The demands of certain environments, or the specifics of a need, can drive the desire for a new product, and the ICRC’s expertise in a wide range of fields leads to many interesting ideas and partnerships.

However, there are multiple aspects to developing a new product. After analyzing a range of experiences at the ICRC, we confirmed that, like much in the innovation space – from correct problem identification, early-stage landscape analysis, prototyping and testing, partnership collaboration and management to production and scale – a thoughtful planned approach before starting is critical. Products development is a growing interest across the sector and introduces both new opportunities and unique challenges.

In this short, fun video on Innovative Products, ICRC touches upon some of the pitfalls and notes some basic considerations that are taken when ICRC is considering product development.