GPHI2 is a unique platform that draws on the knowledge and experience of the largest humanitarian network in the world – The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – and leverages the creative capacity of corporate and other partners to tackle key humanitarian challenges.

The GPHI2 gathers thought shapers and innovators from a broad range of sectors around one common purpose: improving the impact of humanitarian action.

The Road Ahead

The official launch of the GPHI2 took place during the kick-off event held at IMD in Lausanne on October 16th, 2014. More than an event this was the start of a process.  Since the event several new partnerships have been established across different sectors. Regular updates on new joint initiatives and their respective outcomes can be found on the blog’s homepage.

Moving forward the GPHI2 will actively focus on the key institutional challenges and priority issues that were identified in the lead up to the kick off event. These include: ensuring meaningful humanitarian action in the face of limited access and beneficiary engagement in a hyper connected world. The GPHI2 will also strive to explore new forms of partnerships to support the growth of ICRC’s physical rehabilitation programme.