With this interesting article, Alice Bryant, Jill Robbins and George Grow from VOA look at the role of technology in the immigration crisis. More specifically at the proliferation of apps and digital tools developed by organisations to help refugees and migrants. The article takes a hard look at the tools that exist and their limits, and moreover at the lack of coordination in the design and launch of these tools.

The article introduces us to Techfugees, a non-profit group made of programmers working on developing apps and tools for the crisis, and who aim to better organise themselves in order to create tools that are user-centric and useful.

You can read the entire article here: VOA – How the technology industry is helping refugees.


Photo: August 2016. Horgos, Serbia, on the border with Hungary. The ICRC and the Red Cross of Serbia visit the camp to assess migrants’ needs. Children represent almost half the migrant population of the camps.

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