Humanitarian Law & Policy gathers contributors from and beyond the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. The ICRC’s academic blog is intended as an open and interactive environment where innovative ideas may be fleshed out and tested against the expertise of other academics, lawyers, policy-makers and humanitarian practitioners.


How to contribute

To submit a post to Humanitarian Law & Policy, contact Sasha Radin.  Please include a short abstract of your blog post (2-3 sentences), including your topic and main argument.

Please be aware that submitting a manuscript does not guarantee publication in Humanitarian Law & Policy. Submissions are reviewed for quality and clarity and should be in line with our editorial policy.


Preparation of Manuscripts

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Length: 800 to 1,800 words (unless discussed otherwise with the editors).

Title: The post’s title should be a narrative phrase which conveys the main argument in a clear, assertive and substantial way. This heading should be less than 110 characters, so that it can be tweeted as is, along with the URL (23 characters) and a few relevant hashtags.

Sources: Use hyperlinks. Do not use academic-styled references (footnotes, endnotes, bibliography).

Keywords: Provide around 5 keywords for easy web search and referencing.

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Headings: No more than 2 different levels (title and subtitles).



Humanitarian Law & Policy is a digital forum for exchange and debate on international humanitarian law, policy and action. It welcomes authors from inside and outside ICRC and encourages interaction among writers and readers alike. This blog may not be interpreted as positioning the ICRC in any way, and its content does not amount to formal policy or doctrine.



We warmly encourage you to join in and share your voice in the Comments section of blog posts, on social media and through other channels. While we value honesty and different perspectives, we reserve the right to reject comments that contain:

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We suggest the following format when citing Humanitarian Law & Policy articles:

McGoldrick, C. “Humanitarianism at breaking point? New roles for local and international actors”, Humanitarian Law & Policy,, 19 August 2016 (Accessed 02/09/2016).