On May 8, we are officially launching the ICRC Collaborative Platform – a new, Boston-based hub where innovation meets humanitarianism with the aim of solving some of today’s most pressing challenges linked to war and armed violence.

In this context, the ICRC Collaborative Platform will engage in the following activities:

  • Setting up privileged relationships with a diverse group of academics, policy, non-profit, and private organizations and individuals in the Boston/ North-East area;
  • Assessing the current knowledge basis, legal and policy expertise of stakeholders in the area to support such collaborations;
  • Facilitating productive exchanges around priority themes;
  • Assisting ICRC units and their Boston-based counterparts in the design of collaborative initiatives with time-bound, measurable objectives;
  • and, Ensuring the continuity of relationships over time and facilitating interactions between the administrative units involved.

Find out more about this new exciting initiative on the Swissnex Website.