From the 2nd to the 4th of October, CERN and Campus Biotech hosted the 2nd edition of THE Port Hackathon. The goal of THE Port hackathon is to combine creative minds from CERN and beyond, with non-profit organization in interdisciplinary teams – to dive into humanitarian challenges for three intense days of testing, exploring, thinking outside the box and prototyping.

imageLast year a dedicated team helped ICRC create a better body bag, the aim of which is to slow down the decomposition rate of bodies, very important for the identification of bodies.

This year another team undertook one of the challenges ICRC had put up on its open innovation platform: RED Innovation. They selected the Superbag challenge, which aims to improve the quality of the bags used by ICRC in the air drops of assistance in South Sudan.

For three days, brilliant minds came together to test different materials, folding techniques and sealing methods. After throwing the bags from 60 meters using a crane and thoroughly mistreating them for the purpose of scientific research, the results came in: a better and more resistant material, a new accordion-style folding method and the use of double-sided tape instead of the needle and thread used up until now. Cherry on the cake? The use of this new prototype is also more cost-efficient for ICRC!

We filmed the entire process and we want to share it with you: A hackathon to design the future of airdrops